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Finding the right airfare

Finding the right airfare can be a tricky challenge. Not always when you search online you will get the result which best fits your timing, requirements and pocket-book. Knowledge and experience come in handy. If you want us to do the legwork, we have the experience and know-how. We charge one flat rate per search. Choose this option if all you want is to know an airfare. Clicking on ‘Start Now’ below and select AIR$25 SEARCH.

Professional Consultation/Planning (C/P) fees shown above are in Canadian Dollars and are subject to 13% HST. C/P fees are non-refundable and payable in advance. Days of travel are calculated as days at destination. ‘Hotel Bookings’, ‘Transport Bookings’, ‘Tour Bookings’ and ‘Activity Bookings’ mean: ‘Booking on your behalf and at your expense’. Minimum planning charge $100. Services are provided by Kompas Express Travel Agency, 741 Bloor Street W, Toronto, Ontario M6G 1L6, Telephone: 416-534-8891, TICO 50026782 (R) 50026784 (W)